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P R O V E N - The Biggest Blockbuster Of 2020 Is Proven - Huge Epcs

  PROVEN FOR SUCCESSFULLY GAINING OR LOSING WEIGHT JUST CLICK HERE .  Exercise is not the best way to lose weight You start training with a training program that has been declared a new fat-burning miracle.  In the beginning, enthusiasm is on the roof.  The weight also drops a bit.  But after just a few weeks, the weight will fall into place.  You increase your workout, and that doesn't work either.  What exactly rots?  Is something wrong with your body?  You will find the answer to this oven-fresh observation of scientists! Exercise to lose weight, but miserably worse than it should Exercise loses significantly less of what you should lose weight based on its calorie intake. The engineer calculates,  “Increasing my energy consumption by 250 kcal per day, it means 1 pound of weight loss per month.  And six months later I am 6 kg lighter! "    But this is not the case.  Let’s see what the two teams did in about 6 months of training. The researchers put 171 overweight people to

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